BCT 50 C11T Aths Silk

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  • Made in Turkey
  • High Grade Material



With focus on comfort, the new bawal cotton turki (BCT 50) will blow you away with impossible mix of comfort, lightness, coolness and confident vibe.

Made from Kilima Cotton, this is sure to be the most comfortable hijab in the world! For those that have been die-hard fans, it is good news as the new colours was hand-picked to cater your demanding needs.

For those new to bawal cotton turki, you don’t know what you’ve been missing out.

Material: Kilima cotton (Quality Turkish Kilima Cotton)
Size: Bidang 50 (120cmx120cm)
Edge seam: Baby Seam (Hem Roll)

Disclaimer : Colours may differ slightly due to lighting conditions or phone’s display.

Weight 0.11 kg

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1 review for BCT 50 C11T Aths Silk

  1. Maddy Lee (verified owner)

    Masa mula-mula sentuh fabrik bct, dalam hati ni risau sebab fabrik bct lembut sangat-sangat dan takut kalau nanti awning tak kemas. tapi bila dah sarung, Allahu, sekali je dah bentuk. rasa nak nangis sebab happy sangat :,> thank you bidadari house!

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