Stripes 60 61L Bright Red

  • Bidang 60 (140cm x 140cm)
  • Easy to shape
  • Most comfortable than any other hijab
  • Minimal ironing
  • Premium Chiffon Material
  • 100% Made and imported from Turkey
  • Unique border pattern


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Stripes series have been a longlasting design throughout the years and have been a favourite to many generations.

Wearing a stripes hijab will make feel comfortable and confident, also making you look not just beautiful, but also ready anywhere, anytime.

The stripes series have been proven easy to manage, making your ironing experience quick and easy. The material is exclusively made in Turkey, therefore its not just your typical polyester or chiffon, making sure that it exceeds your expectations.

The colours that are available have been our customers? favourite, where most of them end up buying all the colours available!

Stripes 50. Look beautiful, comfortable and ready, everyday.

Material: 100% High Quality Polyester

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